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Drowning Girl Club

I’ve long been a fan of @fidjit not just because of her art and tattoos but also the work she’s been doing to help people struggling with their mental health.


Fidjit’s no stranger to the struggle too. “A lot of my work is based around mental health problems because that’s really quite a big part of my life,” she told Folks in an interview.

Her drowning girl tattoo—a depiction of Virginia Woolf’s death from a flash sheet inspired by the suicides of female authors—has resonated with so many of her clients and now, those who bear the design have become part of the Drowning Girl Club (and no, it’s not just for girls).

I’ve been wanting to join the club and almost did last year but I was, yes, drowning while I was in London. The fog had descended, my dog was back home sick, the miserable weather didn’t help and I spent a lot of time under the covers in a dark hotel room, leaving only when I absolutely had to.

This year, I returned to a sunnier London much happier. And I was lucky to be there on a week Fidjit was doing another flash day. She was tattooing drowning girls all day at Dharma Tattoo London and all proceeds were going to Rape Crisis Scotland to support another cause Fidjit feels strongly about.

Naturally, I went and I’m so glad I did.

That day, Fidjit tattooed 64 people for nine hours straight without stopping for food or drink. And she raised £3335. I’m honored to have been a small part of it.

Fidjit‘s Drowning Girl Club has over 2400 members now. And I’m one of them.

People get the drowning girl for different reasons. As a reminder. A declaration. For healing. For closure. To celebrate. To belong. To reclaim their bodies.


My drowning girl is a promise. To keep my head above the water. To not be engulfed. To never surrender. Even when the rocks in my pockets want to pull me under.